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Tyler the Christmas Minister
On Christmas… Unreasonable Things I Want
Now Accepting Clients

Tyler the Christmas Minister

My seven-year old son, Tyler, was at the office with me last Friday after his class Christmas party. He was running around sharing the Legend of the Candy Cane, reciting Luke chapter 2 verses 8 through 14, and generally winning over the hearts of all. One of the ladies I work with was kind enough to capture his Luke recital on an audio recorder.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Tyler Reciting Luke Chapter 2, Verse 8 – 14

On Christmas… Unreasonable Things I Want

  1. An Android phone. (I’m still waiting to be happy with the hardware and Android version combination for this one.)
  2. A trip to a tropical island or resort.
  3. A ride in a hot air balloon (but not until the fall foilage is here again).
  4. At least one romantic surprise a week from my husband. (In case you read this, that’s flowers, cards, chocolates, candle-lit backrubs, etc., etc. ;))
  5. Speaking of backrubs, a lifetime spa membership.
  6. The kids to stop complaining about having to shower and who has to go first.
  7. For Red to decide to use the litter box again.
  8. To develop websites and applications all day long (ok… well only while at work).

Now Accepting Clients

A while back, I decided I was ready to once again make the leap to accept contracts for web design work. I’ve decided to turn this into an at least part-time business.

As such, I’m happy to announce that I’ve created a new www.idestini.com to advertise my efforts. If you know a small business or organization looking for a new site or some updates to their existing site (especially from the Little Rock area), please forward them on over.

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