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For those of you from work that stumble across my blog… No I’m not actively going anywhere. Yes, I am preparing advertisement of myself online. I like to think of this activity as maintaining the historical documents that are me and bringing them into this web decade.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I was reviewing the latest version of my resume. It’s been about a little less than one year since I last looked at it. What I am realizing is that it just doesn’t match who I would sell myself as. What I mean by that is that the personal impression that one would get by reading my resume just doesn’t sync with the message I’d like to send. I mean, listen to this summary,

I am passionate about user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, standards based web design. I want to work with others to develop interesting web applications. I have excellent communication skills, experience gathering user requirements, experience managing projects from start to end, and an avid desire to continually improve. I enjoy working directly with the clients that will use my work. I get satisfaction out of meeting and preferably exceeding deadlines and expectations.

While this says several good things, it doesn’t seem to carry the emotion I intend to portray. Some words are lazily chosen and don’t convey the life I think the summary needs. Time to pep it up. Make it less corporate and more Abby. How about this:

This passionate web developer wants to create interesting, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing web sites and applications.

I have experience coding, coordinating, and leading projects from the small to the complex. I understand what it means to gather user requirements, come up with an implementation strategy, and follow it through. I realize the value in honest communication with customers. I believe in setting realistic expectations, but I thoroughly enjoy exceeding those expectations as often as possible.

Yeah, I’m going to go with this for now. I may decide to embellish it a little more as well.

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