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I’ve finished adding my resume to the site. Check it out:

While updating your resume, you usually start with an old one. I usually look at the last two to three to get ideas. I always find it amusing to look back. It reminds me that I’m not getting any younger, but perhaps I am getting more sophisticated with age. I certainly understand better what I enjoy doing versus what I don’t enjoy doing. Until now, there hasn’t been much change in my resume in the last five years. Posting for your enjoyment!

2009 – Abby Current Resume (PDF) – Format changes. Total restructuring. Moved away from the boring bullet point list of jobs. Instead, points out my qualifiications as a whole and interesting bits about me as a person. Companies hire people, right?

2006 – Abby’s Old Resume (PDF) – Subdued the orange to look more professional.

2005 – Abby’s Old Resume (PDF) – Oooh. This was when everyone on the web was going through an orange phase!

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