Displaying SharePoint Blog Posts In Your Team Site

I thought I had a simple problem. I wanted to display the blog posts from my team’s SharePoint blog site on my SharePoint team site’s front page. See, our blog site is a sub-site of our team site. You’d think that’d be as easy as pulling in a list web part and telling it which blog to display but noooo. That was such an interesting development experience that I have to recount it for you lovely developers out there. Here were the steps I had to complete.

  1. Turns out that first I had to go get a copy of Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer because you can’t do this through the admin screens. I opened it up to discover it looks a lot like Visual Studio products. Ok. 
  2. Next, you need to get your site opened up in SharePoint Designer. If you’re savy, you can do this right from SharePoint Designer by going to File > Open Site and entering the URL for your site. 
  3. In the tabs at the top of Designer, you’ll find a tab called Web Site. Find, the file you want to edit. In my case, I wanted to edit the Default.aspx of my team site. Before changing anything, I highly suggest you create a backup of the original by copying and pasting in that browser. After creating your backup, double click your file to open it.
  4. Ok, here’s the fun part. You need to create and connect a view for the page and a data connection to your blog site from your team site. To do this, select Data View > Insert Data View. Now, on the right side of the Designer, you’ll see a Data Source Library. Select Connect to Another Libary to bring up the Manage Library box. Give it a name like Blog and enter the URL for the site location of your blog and press Open. Press OK a bunch of times to get out. Now, at the bottom of the list, you should see your blog data source. Expand it and find SharePoint Lists > Posts. Press the drop down and select Show Data. You’re almost there. Now click and drag from the “Row” text at the top of the Data Source to the Data View within your page. You should see your post data.
  5. You can now click all the little arrow boxes to change layout, fields displayed, and so forth. You can drag more fields in from the right and customize headers and breaks as you please. Make sure you save a few times along the way as the designer may crash on you if you’re unlucky like me. When you’re done, just save one last time and go look at your page.

I’m not a real SharePoint developer by no means. I can work my way around the admin screens and create pages and sites, but geez, that’s an insane amount of work to display a little data (granted, slightly non-standard data) from a sub-site. I hope this helps you not experience as much frustration as I did!

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