Will I ever go back to a “real” job?

In Arkansas, it takes effort for companies to find and retain great talent. No person is perfect and so few enough here are actually qualified, that it makes some employers bet on someone who is not and will not be ready for them OR they are all grasping at the same talent who hop every 3-5 years from place to place.

The state of the talent pool in Arkansas and the large number of opportunities have always made me feel that, if for some reason, running Idestini Dev Studio just wasn’t panning out, I could step back into something rewarding very quickly. There has only been one time in the last 2.75 years that I’ve actually wanted to quit. That feeling came from disappointment about a client going a new direction and me not having seen it coming and feeling like I was missing out on an awesome opportunity to grow my business alongside their successes. Plus, I truly like the client personally.

After that happened and about a month of having no substantial projects, I was about ready to call it quits. I set a deadline and everything. I was pretty in the dumps for that first 3 weeks.

But you know what?

The roller coaster always goes up again.

A couple weeks of pain were followed by the best months ever and sales are already up 35% from last year. It’s only the first of September. It’s been an amazing year.

I love being able to step in and help a company with an immediate need for a tech solution, with something they haven’t been able to get done internally, with creating their MVP product, with improving their websites, with saving a failing project, or with whatever that problem it is that I can solve with web technologies. I never planned this business venture for myself, but it turns out I am actually good at solving problems for people and getting the job done – reliably, professionally, and ethically.

Will I ever take a job in the corporate world again? Probably. All things change in time. And only God knows where that change will lead me. For now, I will trust that God will continue to bring me clients, at His perfect timing. And, when it’s time to change, I’ll know.

P.S. If you need someone to come alongside you and help automate your business processes, improve sales online, increase leads, or fix a failed software project, look us up at http://idestini.com.

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