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Resume Posted
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time to update the resume

Resume Posted

I’ve finished adding my resume to the site. Check it out: http://abbysims.me/about/.

While updating your resume, you usually start with an old one. I usually look at the last two to three to get ideas. I always find it amusing to look back. It reminds me that I’m not getting any younger, but perhaps I am getting more sophisticated with age. I certainly understand better what I enjoy doing versus what I don’t enjoy doing. Until now, there hasn’t been much change in my resume in the last five years. Posting for your enjoyment!

2009 – Abby Current Resume (PDF) – Format changes. Total restructuring. Moved away from the boring bullet point list of jobs. Instead, points out my qualifiications as a whole and interesting bits about me as a person. Companies hire people, right?

2006 – Abby’s Old Resume (PDF) – Subdued the orange to look more professional.

2005 – Abby’s Old Resume (PDF) – Oooh. This was when everyone on the web was going through an orange phase!

time to update the resume

For those of you from work that stumble across my blog… No I’m not actively going anywhere. Yes, I am preparing advertisement of myself online. I like to think of this activity as maintaining the historical documents that are me and bringing them into this web decade.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I was reviewing the latest version of my resume. It’s been about a little less than one year since I last looked at it. What I am realizing is that it just doesn’t match who I would sell myself as. What I mean by that is that the personal impression that one would get by reading my resume just doesn’t sync with the message I’d like to send. I mean, listen to this summary,

I am passionate about user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, standards based web design. I want to work with others to develop interesting web applications. I have excellent communication skills, experience gathering user requirements, experience managing projects from start to end, and an avid desire to continually improve. I enjoy working directly with the clients that will use my work. I get satisfaction out of meeting and preferably exceeding deadlines and expectations.

While this says several good things, it doesn’t seem to carry the emotion I intend to portray. Some words are lazily chosen and don’t convey the life I think the summary needs. Time to pep it up. Make it less corporate and more Abby. How about this:

This passionate web developer wants to create interesting, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing web sites and applications.

I have experience coding, coordinating, and leading projects from the small to the complex. I understand what it means to gather user requirements, come up with an implementation strategy, and follow it through. I realize the value in honest communication with customers. I believe in setting realistic expectations, but I thoroughly enjoy exceeding those expectations as often as possible.

Yeah, I’m going to go with this for now. I may decide to embellish it a little more as well.

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