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see, am doing it
really, I will do this
this always feels weird at first

see, am doing it

Ok, so I took the easy way out for now and just applied a nice minimalist theme that i downloaded over at the WordPress site. There are some things I’m going to change about it over time, but it will do for now.

Have added a few new link categories. The first will highlight books or articles I’m currently reading… as though you care. The second will contain books or articles I’ve read and liked and think you should like as well.

Also added a few empty pages to signify things that will be done in the future.

And that will conclude my morning escapade with the web site. It’s time for me to get some exercise.

really, I will do this

Seriously, Abby is coming back to the web. It’s time to realize some dreams. Gosh, I’m not getting any younger. Better start before I don’t look the part of young, intense, amibitious web designer.

Ok, self pep talk over. Plan to work on design tonight. Maybe have something stable in place by end of the weekend.

this always feels weird at first

Hi. Welcome to my personal site. I am Abby Sims and I’ll be your host for this session. I’m a web developer from Bryant, Arkansas. This site will always be a work in progress. One day, it may grow up to be a legitimate personal portfolio and resume site and a place I occasionally share things I’m learning from life.

Please excuse the construction!

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